Actually, they taste bland and all the same. I need to get a decent supplier of nuts and not resort to “brand” names. #food #nuts

Lunch #food

Serious question: are there any good hot drinks? Apart from: — coffee — tea. — hot chocolate — water — alcoholic beverages/drinks? — soup #food

Gratuitous food pic. Blackened chicken and linguini (which is plural) #food

This place has 5 menus. Gordon Ramsey would turn over in his grave. #food

It’s time to wind down, eat and write some more. #food #writing

Things I learned over the umpteen years I’ve occupied this space-time: If a restaurant serves a bag of chips, do not order the dessert. #food

Radioli: ravioli stuffed with radishes.

I’m thinking about moving my recipe collection out of my wiki, and into The Continuity. That would more easily allow me to generate recipes from websites without having to reload the wiki to get it to refresh. #cooking #recipe #wiki #web

Found a guacamole deviled egg recipe I want to try. It just needs bacon. #food

Pineapple flavored popcorn should be a thing. Buttered popcorn already has a hint of pineapple flavor. #food

Are deviled eggs still a thing? When was the last time you had any or made them? It’s been years for me. #food

I think food is on order, or will be as soon as I order it. #food

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with coffee for dinner, because I’m an adult and am allowed to have coffee.

Gratuitous food pic. #food #photography

I threw together lunch, today. A fusion of a Mexican, Greek, California, Polish tostada. Yum. Kielbasa, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, olives, and oregano on a tortilla topped with fresh avocados, sour cream and queso fresco. #food

PSA: Stouts (beer) have nothing to do with being dark and heavy, but with being “strong”. You can have a completely transparent “stout” beer. #beer #food

I think I’m going to have a collosol haddock. #food

I have almost finished the first draft of this #mdc3con story. I need to think about how to end it, and what to eat. #writing #food

Having fish and chips for lunch. Not bad. But they use fake newspaper. #food

Bread in the oven. Hope it’s edible. #food

When you can’t decide what to have for lunch. #food

Hm. Apparently, beet cake is a thing. #baking #food

I haven’t had Bratwurst in ages—specifically the current age. Delaware isn’t known for international cuisine unless you consider “muskrat” cuisine or international. #food

Cranberry citrus cookies out of the oven. #baking