Archimage’s Continuity

Do not confuse thinking with dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. #life

I think ill stop by the Apple store in the way home tomorrow. I habent been in one since The Dark Times of COVID.

“Life is never commercial free.”

“Baldrick’s Gate-A Blackadder Adventure” should be a thing. #gamedev

It’s definitely one of those days again. Murphy is laughing at me. I ordered a chicken wrap and it’s a do it yourself meal. Not specified on the menu.

So much for humor. I got a glass of water.

I just ordered a water martini with a twist. We shall see… #food

“You have to do your best. Otherwise, stop complaining.”

“He owned a set of golf clubs. Not that he played, but he could never condone the use of a gun.” #writing #throwawayline

“Stretch your legs” is a weird euphamism. “How about “stretch your arms”?

“Are you a sage?” “No, my name is Rosemary.” #writing #throwawayline

Which David Bowie song would you dance to? #music

I hate autocorrect. As ai goes, it’s the puts.

Cipppino. Not chopping. Curse you autocorrect and Perry the Platypus.

Had to send the chopping back. The shellfish were all dead-unopened and no way to crack the snow crab. I think it’s one of those days #food

Mail still thinks I have unread emails in the beta. #ios

Ok I stumbled on coppino on the east coast. I know what I’m getting #food

Hm. I get weird ideas. Beet-flavored mead? It’s strange enough that it might be good. I guess honey and beets are on my shopping list. #brewing #mead

There is joy in the unknown, for it says you don’t know everything. #life #success

“The world is full of hope. It is your responsibility to squash it.” #writing

“This is where dead people come to drink.” #writing

“Still, she breathed.” #writing #prompt

Make a difference. Adding something good to the world will multiply it. The math is simple. #life #success

Took a trip to B&N. Got some books. Walked around the park and worked on the C3 story. Read a bit. It’s a low-key day.

We need a Swift-based Picotron for iOS #swift #lexaloffle #picotron