Archimage’s Continuity

Well this is fun

Happy National Sourdough Bread Day This is one holiday I’m all for.

Hello. Get comfortable of the idea of yourself. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

Plan for tomorrow: — do relaxing stuff

“I’m such a bad artist that I can’t even draw a breath.” #writing

Everyone needs to be slightly less appalling.

“Ghosts of Friends Past” - the spirits of long dead Tamogarchi toys come back to exact revenge on their owners. #writing #throwawayline #horror

Icy bin müde und satt.

“He was forged in the crucible of yogurt.” #writing #throwawayline

Vicious Rumor: Apple to introduce SwiftPlus, a syntactically simplified version of Swift at WWDC this year #wwdc #ios #mac #swift #apple

I miss going to the Cupertino/San Jose environs. I’ve been there once since the Apple Campus, before the Dark Times. It’s not that I want the old Tandem/Compaq/HP campuses. I sort of miss Computer Literacy, Fry’s and Pedro’s. Mostly, I miss the people. Time gives. Time takes.

Do people still introduce people? And is the introduction mutual? Or is it assumed you know the other person? #life

Live up to others’ expectations and you will be happy. Live up to your own and you are a failure. #life #failure

Control is an illusion.

PSA: It’s spam if it’s about an account you don’t have. #spam

I should wander over to the farm store here once it opens for the year.

“The first ran into his jaw the way a freight train hurtles into a 1950s Ford F1 Pickup, and he was the pickup.” #writing

Mind dump progress: 80% 32 Gigaquads freed.

Peace of mind comes from the mind. If you don’t’ control it, you won’t have either. #life #zen #tao

The phrase,“Imagine…” makes me shudder. #aphantasia #writing

When was the last time you took part (or instigated) a bar fight? #writing

Were Ollie’s oxen ever freed? And who was Ollie?

Progress is made when the imagination overrides reality. But to what end? #life #success #progresss

Why is it that “ethnic” chain restaurants insist on playing bad “ethnic” music (usually from the 50s)? It is for “ambiance” or to prove they are a chain? At least in Delaware. #food #restaurant #failure