Archimage’s Continuity

Well, tomorrow is supposed to be full of rain again. I guess I’ll stay in and edit all day.

Tomorrow is Monday. Remember to put on your pants.

Anyone doing anything inspiring today? Or inspired? Or just inspired to do something?

Happy National Punctuation Day.

Good morning, Sunday people. Be just. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

I hope everyone had/is having/will have/will have had/ a relaxing Saturday.

Plan for tomorrow: — stay out of the rain and wind — edit — eat edible things — play some games

So. Apparently, Starfield is boring. I wonder if Baldur’s Gate 3 is any good. #game

Espresso coffee mead bottled. It’s still very young, but has a nice sweet coffee flavorr. Should be great after a year of aging. #brewing #mead

Hello. Even though it’s pouring rain, the sun is still there. That’s just like life. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

Each step on the path of life takes you some place. Where you go is usually where you’ve been. Most go around in circles on their journey through life. #life

Do something superfluous tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be yucky. That’s a meteorological term. I wonder what I should do.

It’s Friday eve. Time for a small glass of mead.

I felt like baking so I baked an apple thing. #baking

Happy National White Chocolate Day White chocolate is the only real chocolate.

Spot is considering its next move. It’s a gorgeous Bombay. Surprised it doesn’t have a home. #feral #cat

Hello. It’s Friday. Do Friday things. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

There is no requirement to live up to someone else’s expectations of you. #life

Time to lighten the mood.… #music

“Don’t worry. No one remembers the last day of their life.” #writing

Happy Free Queso Day Liberate the Queso 3!

I cracked open the first of my juniper nut brown ale after a week in the bottle. The juniper bite has mellowed to a nice sweetness. Mouth feel is still creamy. This is a winner. #beer

Hm. I’d love to edit a short story anthology based on song lyrics. #writing #music

I miss these guys.… #music