Archimage’s Continuity

More evidence of Apple Nintendo… #apple #nintendo

Greetings humans. Greet the sun with a yawn. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

Eating is a good thing.

They did it right. Water martini with a twist. #food

Just ordered a water mattini. Lets see how they do.

“Life is a biohazard.” #writing

Observed: “He poured the music into his ear, holding up his phone so it pressed into the hammer and anvil.” #writing

Counter argument: if you invest, you desire control. #apple #nintendo

I would really like Apple to invest, not buy, Nintendo. Apple needs better games. #apple #nintendo

“Do not treat AIs as if they are the gods they are not.” #writing #ai

The Gathering Update: It is Day 6 of Marble’s Incarceration. She’s a little love-bug. I plan on letting her out of the room to explore the house a bit next week. I doubt she’ll want to leave either way, but I will accept whatever she chooses. #feral #cat

Happy hours are like happy meals. Overpriced and sad.

“He was a nerd. He was gummy.” #writing #throwawayline If you get it you are a kid.

AIs can become sick, infected,and die. Anyone who tells you otherwise, is trying to sell you a stairway to heaven. #ai

Hm… a hoppy mead? Or a ginger beer—beer with ginger? #brewing #mead #beer

Hm. I just realized I haven’t brewed anything since last year. I should come up with something. #brewing #beer #mead

OVerheard: “i have to stop by and pick up drugs.” #writing #character

I should stop by B&N since Im in the area. Not that I need anything, but I miss bookstores, even chains. I havent found any independent bookstores in DE or even good coffee places. #books

I just did my good deed for the day. Help when you can. #life

“My mother consumed all of her children.” #writing #throwawayline

Observation: If you go where you used to go, everyone there tends to be as old as you are becuase they go where they used to go. Hang out with younger people. #life

If its not obvious, I’ve never made sticky buns. Maybe I should so that I can say that I have. #baking

Happy National Sticky Bun Day. How are these different from cinnamon buns? If you tell me they dont have cinnamon, you will be muted//blocked. No exceptions. Dont test me. #food

Lets of stuff happens when you don’t pay attention. — ancient proverb I just made up

Photo up #photography