Archimage’s Continuity

Happy Hannukah to those thatt celebrate.

Tomorrow: — Friday — iOS (more work on the word cloud view) — free-write — play games — relax — erranding


Hey! It’s Friday. Chill!

I’m working on a word cloud view for my writing app, Auteureist. #ios #writing #swiftui

Happy Letter Writing Day

Hello. Help others. Be kind. Be patient. TIme for the ceremonial coffee.

Patience is the hardest emotion to cultivate #life

Anyone remember the Apple Car?

“Life is a blank page. People fear a blank page.” #life #writing

What you value is what you become. #life

Do you own and wear an ugly sweater around this time of year? No, I don’t own a single sweater.

I’m working on pretty much no sleep this morning. All my plans are out the proverbial window.

Hello. The year is winding down. You should wind down as well. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

Back in my day, the only thing you had to do to look cool was wear sunglasses or know how to rollerskate.

“He wasn’t just a third-wheel, he was the third-rail.” #writing #throwawayline

Plan for tomorrow: — iOS stuff — house stuff — cooking and eating — reading — play a game

Are they even human? No context.

Time for some music.… #music

Your greatest battle is being yourself. #life

Time for hot chocolate.

Isn’t it time for a new Tron movie? If only to get a Daft Punk reunion? Tron was 1982. Tron Legacy was back in 2010… God we’re old. #tron

Sigh. Four calls today wanting to “sponsor”, “promote”, or make a movie from one of my books. If I had a dollar for every phone call, I don’t answer these, because most of the callers have obviously never read the book and can’t seem to enunciate their company name. #books #promotion #publishing

Never go near Gojira, the monster or the band.

OK. I got a call from someone claiming to be from Amazon Prime Studios calling for someone named Todd Williams who wants to turn “Last Call” into something or other. Google doesn’t help. Anyone know if this is legit? Should I return the call? #publishing #amazon