“What’s the worst thing that can happen? You could die. So what? We all die. So, go for it. Try. Do. Learn. Live while you can.” #writing #life

Group dance, like music, is a ritual. Even though there is joy, the real point is the shared experience and in working as a cohesive unit. #life #philosophy

Some of the greatest accomplishments were achieved by the most ordinary of people. #life #success

I’m entangled in this reality. #life

Life isn’t a race. Faster isn’t better. Being the first to offer a solution or answer, even if it’s correct, isn’t the point. The point is to think things through and arrive at a logically coherent and correct answer. #life #success

“You can afford to be nice. It doesn’t cost anything.” #writing #life

If you judge others, expect to be judged. #life

“Your path will take you through great dangers and horrors that you will strive to avoid. Your journey will also show you sights that will stun you with wonder, beauty and love. It, however, doesn’t end well for you. You will die. That is how life works.” #writing #life

Sometimes I wonder about myself. A stranger next to me said, “Twelve out of thirteen people showed up. He died.” Lots of moans and shaking of heads. I chime in. “He was really late then.” Stunned silence. Then the place bursts into laughter. Truth. #life

Protecting your kids isn’t about supporting them, no matter what. Oftentimes, your kids are wrong. #life #failure

I learned a long long (long) time ago, that if you are fired, it isn’t about your capability, or personal. But, sometimes, it is. #life #76ers

“Death always knocks politely when it arrives. Many ignore it and then Death is forced to barge in with a bulldozer.” #writing #life

The question of whether we do or don’t live in a simulation is stupid. We are the simulation. #life

Many people aren’t aware of what they are thinking and don’t understand the difference between thinking and reacting. #life #failure

Obstacles show us the way forward. #life #zen #tao

Defy expectations. #life #success

It’s ok to fail if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s not ok to do something when you don’t know what you’re doing. #life

Whenever someone gets drafted onto a sport(s) team and I see the joy on their face, I envision a thought bubble above their head with a $ sign. #life #sport

No matter how bad it may be, you’re better with your sense of humor than an empty whiskey barrel full of drunk termites. #humor #life

Some days were meant to be enjoyed. All days, actually. #life

You’re only as productive as your results. The process of being productive is just the process. An endless road goes nowhere. #life #productivity

Sometimes you have to be clever to figure out what you’re doing. #life #success

“You should be like a river. It doesn’t know where it’s going. It just does.” #writing

“You can’t know everything. Not even God knew what would happen when he went on vacation” #writing #throwawayline #life

Low self-esteem is the opposite of snobbery, and most often caused by it. #life #failure