Nibbage. #fountainpen

OK. I like this. Word cloud view done. (Yes, I know it’s not really a cloud.) #swiftui #writing

I’m working on a word cloud view for my writing app, Auteureist. #ios #writing #swiftui

Gratuitous food pic. Beef stew over rice. #food

The Gathering: I put some food out and then this happened. Three of the four kittens that Spot had. #feral #cat

Time to switch it up. Kaweco Lilliput LE (M) with Iroshizuku 100th Anniversary #fountainpen

The Gathering news: Spot the Bombay brought its family today. Two kittens with the same markings. I guess I should feed them :/ #feral #cat

It’s Friday eve. Time for a small glass of my coffee espresso mead #mead

Gravlax salmon with juniper, spruce tips, dill, and a pinch of sugar, ready for salt and lemon slices. Then off to the vacuum sealer and a week in the fridge. #food #gravlax

NaNoWriMo done for 2023. Final count: 100,481 words in 30 days. I have a good first draft. I’ll be taking December off from serious writing to recover. #writing #nanowrimo

Gratuitous Thanksgiving food pic. #food

Easy decision #food

A nice day in Annapolis this Thanksgiving.

This looks great.

Breakfast view.

Gratuitous food pic. Black and blue salad. #food

Ha! The bartender appreciated my sense of humor. A water martini with a twist. Actually shaken, not stirred.

“Snarky Tap. The mobster’s heavy who always dies but is the humorous foil to the protagonist.” #writing #prompt