I have no idea what Apple will bring forth; these are random thoughts.

We’ll get the usual flashy promo/ad up front.

if anything, this WWDC. My gut-feel is it will be mostly minor tweaks and major syntax changes that will break everything again. I’m wishing for a better WatchOS, not just a new version/SwiftUI revamp.

I’ve given up on XCode and any hope of bloat-reduction. New “chrome” for MacOS seems to be a yearly thing with not much new as a user experience. IPadOS seems the mostly likely candidate for something revolutionary. Another take on multi-tasking? Maybe.

AR/VR? Eh. That’s like pushing AI/neural nets. Useful to some, but not the average developer—unless they put a free headset under the seat and give every dev a free one to kickstart the process. I do think we’ll see a tight integration between AR/VR and the Apple Pencil.

I’m sure we’ll hear about Classical music, numbers

Apple is big on how much better the speeds-and-feeds are over last year I learned a long time ago, speeds and feeds don’t matter.

New languages? Nah. We’ll still have to deal with arcane Swift/SwiftUI syntax and symbols in order to appease the compiler/parser gods. It’s a typing problem.

I like the new shorter online sessions. I’m not as happy about the market-spin/flashy production values. Money that could be better spent elsewhere… Yes, I know Apple can afford it. Still… I still want a live event, not a subset/invitation-only event. I’m old that way.

I’d like to see more tutorials, not just sample videos with matching code. I still want hardcopy manuals: reference and user. I hate having to give up part of my screen/s to search.

Oh, the new Apple CarPlay will be mentioned/shown. But that’s mostly for car devs—Apple CarPlay licensing probably makes a ton of money. Dunno.

We’ll probably see a few new emoji. Why?

Sessions will be polished, but occasionally stiff and forced. That’s OK.

Apple/we won’t get immediate feedback because it isn’t live. We’ll revert to “livestream” commentaries to tell us what to think.

We might see a classical music presentation. Yoyo Ma?

A few game devs will showcase videos as well as pro-app developers.

No, one more thing. That’s a Steve thing, and I’m glad Tim is honoring that. Even though I’d like a surprise at the end which isn’t a concert thingy.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still an Apple “fanboy”. But the pattern holds.

Those are my random thoughts. I do know I’ll have to spend a tonne of time playing catchup with everything new, and either having to rethink/rearchitect/rewrite all my code. That’s the sad part that I shouldn’t have to do each and every year.