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Literary Spam #publishing #agent #failure #spam

I love literary spam. Not.

I’ve blanked out their personal info. I don’t want to give them press, good or bad. I also don’t want to be sued.

Things to note:

– The email address name does not match the name in the email. – They don’t even bother to sign the email. – They don’t mention my name. – They don’t mention which book. – It’s an exciting opportunity for them, if they get my book. – Note the use of “authors books” is missing an apostrophe.

Side note:

– Even thought they have a web presence, and it’s OK, I get a low-cost struggling outfit vibe. Also, they really push their newsletter on every click.

If you’re interested in representing me, this is not the way to go about it. Neither is cold-calling me with an unintelligible voice mail.

#publishing #agent #failure #spam

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