“What’s the worst thing that can happen? You could die. So what? We all die. So, go for it. Try. Do. Learn. Live while you can.” #writing #life

I’m entangled in this reality. #life

“God is just a being that can control the world with its thoughts, and he’s being pushed to the limit. He is one of a race of such beings.” #writing

“You can afford to be nice. It doesn’t cost anything.” #writing #life

“Your path will take you through great dangers and horrors that you will strive to avoid. Your journey will also show you sights that will stun you with wonder, beauty and love. It, however, doesn’t end well for you. You will die. That is how life works.” #writing #life

Cuthbert - #writing #throwawayline

‘Cuthbert was a corpulent cat. As far as cats go, he was the fattest of the fat cats. His harem was large, and in order to keep them all purring, he ran a gambling den where other cats would race rats. One day, a scrawny little cat got into his business. Snarling, he unsheathed his weapons, only to …

“I may be old, but I’m still slow.” #writing #throwawayline

Overheard: “Unpaid bills are meant to be unpaid.” Otherwise, they would be bills? #writing #character

“My parents would banish me from the house for not doing my chores. I would wander the tundra in search of lichens I would then tame and train to attack my parents.” #writing #throwawayline

Hm. They want to pitch “Last Call” for a movie? I get a lot of these spam calls. This one actually bothered to read the book, however, and actually named the person they want me to pitch to. auteureist.com/LastCall/ #book #writing

Why is doing a backflip a sign of happiness/joy/elation, and not training? And why isn’t doing a frontflip the opposite? @grammargirl #etymology #writing

When life hits you in the eye, With a big pizza pie, It hurts like a sty, But you won’t die, So don’t try Just eat It. #writing #poetry #poem

“Death always knocks politely when it arrives. Many ignore it and then Death is forced to barge in with a bulldozer.” #writing #life

“You may ask wha tI do for a living, isn’t living enough?” #writing

“My parents would taunt me until I pitched them the mouse.” #writing #throwawayline

Writer’s block: n. where non-writers live. #writing

“His mouth was full of food as he spoke. Most of it was unchewed, but the bits that were, dribbled down his chin in a river not unlike the Mississippi during a dry spell.” #writing

“Mommy, what happens after you die?” “You have to give a PowerPoint presentation to God.” #writing #throwawayline

And… another fountain pen runs dry. #writing #fountainpen

“When your hands are covered in blood, use a red towel.” #writing #throwawayline

“No one will miss me when I’m gone. No one misses me when I’m here.” #writing #throwawayline

If Walt Disney taught authors anything, it was that to make your reader feel something, kill the dog, or the mother deer. They may hate you for doing it, but you will have felt something as a reader, which is why most people read. #disney #book #emotion #writing

“Aren’t you supposed to be dead?” “I am, but I keep beating the odds.” #writing #throwawayline

No matter how bad it may be, you’re better with your sense of humor than an empty whiskey barrel full of drunk termites. #humor #life

“His breath was as fetid as a festering fetus in a garbage dump.” #writing #throwawayline