“I shall pull down the sun and bring the endless night.” “How—how will you do that, Master?” “I shall fling this useless planet into the void.” “Wasnt’t that Space:1999?” “That was the moon and a TV show. My plans are bigger.!By the way, you’re an idiot.” #writing #throwawayline

“He stared intently. He stared with intentions most foul. He was The One.” #writing #throwawayline

“Nobody likes the blues. That is, no one who is already dead.” #writing

Observed. His long gray beard had a top-knot. #writing #character

“Life is easy, if you are.” #writing #throwawayline

“If you dont know why you are crying, you cry. If you know why you are crying, you stop.” #writing

First draft done. It’s not as polished as my typical frst drafts, but it has Doctor McCoy–“good bones”. #writing #shortstory

“You should be like a river. It doesn’t know where it’s going. It just does.” #writing

“You can’t know everything. Not even God knew what would happen when he went on vacation” #writing #throwawayline #life

I forgot how much I like Leuchtrum journals. Great paper for fountain pens. #fountainpen #writing

I’m still working on this Drunken Werewolves story. It’s just taken another turn—this time to something darker. It will need a whole lot of polish to make it flo and read well, but I like the core. #writing #shortstofy

It’s time to wind down, eat and write some more. #food #writing

“Finishing is always harder than starting because you don’t know how hard something will be. Starting is hard because you’re lazy.” #writing

“Your destiny is in what you carry—the acorn. In it, you can discover all the secrets of the universe. That is, if you can fight off all the squirrels.” #writing

“He was so dumb, he thought he could get drunk on cocktail sauce.” #writing #throwawayline

“Singing is more than cadence and rhyme. That’s why so many are bad at it.” #writing

“When you wake up screaming, and realize you have no reason to stop once you’re awake. That’s when you question the meaning of life.” #writing

“You are a dynasty of one.” #writing

“Cabbages. That’s the answer.” “Uh?” “Cabbages. If you ain’t got ‘em, you’re a failure.” “I don’t understand. What are you talking about?” “Cabbages are a litmus test.” #writing #throwawayline #chemistry

“The world is a tank you either swim in or drown in. It’s never one you should destroy in.” #writing

“Many fear those who think before speaking.” #writing

“She kept a bullet journal. It’s an assassin thing .” #writing #throwawayline

“You’re exceptional.” “Try to catch me.” If you get it, you’re a nerd. #writing #throwawayline

“His life was a backwater full of slimy creatures, dank places, and sludge.” #writing

“Life is like playing D&D with a troll.” #writing #throwawayline